I hope that this site reveals a little bit of who am I. Just like me it is a work in progress — always changing and never really finished. Feel free to look around, explore, and find something of interest.

I’ve lived a very interesting life filled with travel and adventure. Whether SCUBA diving, parachuting, writing a book chapter on the Muppets, back-packing in Canada and Thailand, or giving an academic presentation in Kyoto, you can be sure that I’ll be living life to the fullest and always ready to explore. I’ve been involved in teaching and technology for most of my life, having been a university professor in computer science at several Canadian universities. I’ve also been a source code analyst for patent infringement lawsuits and a software developer.

I have a transsexual background and completed my sex-change many years ago. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve finished any transition and am now just a normal woman.

I don’t tend to watch much television and I vigorously avoid social media. Mostly, I like old Motown and disco, though jazz, blues, country, soul, R&B, and soft rock (particularly female vocalists) also appeal to me.

Although I lead a rich and experience-filled life, with plenty of travel, I find that computer gaming and online virtual worlds allow me to explore when work, finances, and other obligations limit my opportunities. Right now, my work obligations require much of my free time so I’m “retired” from gaming apart from visiting friends in Second Life. If I actually encounter people to play with and can turn it into an enjoyable social activity, I may return to the gaming realm, but for now I don’t have the time or interest.

In combat games, you will find that I tend to play a ranged DPS (Damage-Dealing) character. I find it easier to run away and avoid combat when one’s primary weapon is a bow or magical gun. Also, I’m not very good at most games and tend to avoid really difficult content, so I wind up playing alone and ranged classes seem to favour my solo style of play. I tend to focus on PvE (Player-vs-Environment) and questing, while avoiding PvP (Player-vs-Player) activities. Computer generated monsters never get hurt feelings or seem to care about being killed; other players do!

To date, I have tried the following online virtual environments/games:

  • Second Life: My home away from home
  • Inworldz, Kitely, Avination, and other Second Life imitations: I’m not surprised they tend to fail …
  • Aion: My first combat MMO; a lot of fun but it taught me I don’t like PvP
  • Revelation Online: A bad experience in an early and unready beta release
  • World of Warcraft: Taught me that I’m not very good at raids/dungeons
  • Wildstar, Guild Wars II, Tera, Elder Scrolls, Path of Exile, Bless: I haven’t played enough to really say very much about any of these

I will always be spending time in Second Life. I love the ability to build and create that it offers. I’m passable in LSL (Linden Scripting Language) and have developed some Photoshop (moderate) and Blender (minimal) skills for performing content creation. I also role play as a morally challenged, delinquent, but good hearted neko.


When I first started,  I played a blood elf hunter in World of Warcraft. Mostly I did solo quests and collected pets. I left when the Battle for Azeroth expansion was released and my artifact weapon was rendered inoperative. Later on, I came back and started levelling up gnomes (hunter, death-knight, rogue), but stop when I reach maximum level and need to “grind” for gear. I don’t like the endless changes in games, since I’m there to relax in a different but familiar world. I will follow new story lines for a while, while I find them interesting, but only when they are fun and not repetitive. I don’t do dungeons or raids (unless they are old and I can solo them easily and without challenge).

is an awesome site where you can manage your pet collection in Warcraft.


is probably the best resource available for Warcraft players. I whole-heartedly recommend and endorse it!

Thanks for visiting.